Partners: Business Accounts

Do you own a business in El Paso?

When you set up an account with us, you speed up the registration process for your employees which ensures immediate evaluation and treatment. Providing us with a point of contact allows us to easily call and verify any details of the injury.

Open channel of communication from business to business allows for any of your questions or concerns to be handled immediately by a provider, medical assistant, and billing representative.

Set up an Account with us to Qualify for Benefits Like:

  • Payment plans

  • Credit/Debit payments

Worker’s Compensation / Occupational Medicine

We can evaluate and treat your employees through your worker’s compensation insurance. All of our providers are able to evaluate and treat the injured worker and fill out a DWC-Form 73 for every visit. The billing would then be directly between the clinic and the insurance.

Studies have shown that injured workers who stay working during their rehabilitation and recovery process retain more of their skills. Our goal is to work closely with both the injured worker and the employer to ensure a safe transition back to working at 100%.

Common procedures:

  • Pre-employment Physicals

  • Drug testing

  • Injury evaluation and treatment

Become a Partner

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